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Retailers face rising energy cost pressures; especially it affects »multiple facility« companies in different geographical locations. The main issue for maintenance managers is the difficulty to directly monitor and control the energy consumption for each building from a central location.

Consumption optimization and reduction of energy cost without compromising customers and staff comfort is possible with an introduction of efficient energy management system.

Solvera Lynx offers energy data infrastructure, which converts “big energy data” into useful insights that can lead to improved business performance.

Using our energy management tools, you will be able to:

  • Learn more about consumption patterns and different energy use profiles of retail infrastructure: warehouses, stores, and malls.
  • Monitor energy and resource consumption,  benchmark current performance, eliminating inefficiencies
  • Collect and aggregate data (meters and sensors) across all sites and perform analytics to recommend initiatives
  • Make Efficiency assessment
  • Reduces consumption and lower costs finding short and long-term efficiency opportunities

GemaLogic Software enables users to view, store and analyze energy and resource data across multiple retail facilities. Modular infrastructure architecture allows customization of the software functionalities for the needs of your business. Open software design enables simple, low-cost integration with other data sources. The GemaLogic Platform can be incorporated with other systems, like energy management, building automation, and security systems.

Functionalities of Solvera Lynx’s software tool include:

  • Data collection ComBox devices perform the fundamental work of collecting data and sending it to GemaLogic software for processing
  • Monitoring, control and visualization of data
  • Advanced analytics ( including specific energy efficiency performance indicators (KPIs), monitoring & targeting (M&T), the cumulative sum of deviations (CuSuM), tariff & cost analysis, Sankey diagram, energy bills archive, data imports, data exchange (web services), alarms to identify building operational deficiencies
  • Comprehensive, customized reports
  • Energy management in shopping center ENERGY MANAGEMENT FOR SHOPPING AND LOGISTIC CENTERS (SPAR) - Company Profile: SPAR Slovenia includes a Distribution Centre, bakery, corporate-owned stores. Project: an introduction of energy management system to monitor and analyze real-time energy consumption, define and analyze key energy efficiency indicators and implement an energy accounting system. KEY PROJECT… Read more

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