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The introduction of systematic energy management activities in the hospitality industry is not just an economic necessity, but a strategical business decision focused on the enhancing and optimization of operational processes, which will become a competitive advantage in the long-term perspective.

Facility and property managers in the hospitality industry have a long list of challenges they face every day; the monitoring and managing energy use is one of them.

The main focus of their activities is improving energy efficiency without compromising on customer experience.

GemaLogic Energy Management Platform will help you to:

  • Take control over energy use in properties with widely spread locations, big building size variations and a continuously changing property portfolio.
  • Get an overall visibility and identify the inefficiencies in your energy operations.
  • Know where, when and how to utilize energy resources throughout different sites.

Our Hospitality facilities case studies

  • Hotels - Save up to 10% on energy costs by identifying losses and inefficiencies, reducing energy consumption and protecting from unexpected energy use.Read more

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