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Food production

Analyze efficiency and find ways to improve and optimize energy consumption.

Energy expenses are one of the highest in most food production plants, optimizing energy consumption will result in reducing operational costs, contribute to their competitiveness and minimize their carbon footprint.

Undertaking well-informed energy efficiency initiatives and adopting systematic energy management is a must.

Solvera Lynx offers tools to reduce energy usage, optimize equipment performance and improve network reliability.

The platform provides consumption insights based on accurate real-time energy data, which are connected with energy efficiency KPIs and are synchronized with production events.

Consumption awareness and total visibility into the machine’s performance and network quality, enable the maintenance teams to identify potential problems before a failure occurs, reducing unplanned downtime and protecting the plant’s assets from potential damage.

Monitoring of the following resources: electricity

Product: GemaLogic energy management platform. GemaLogic Energy Management platform provided consumption insights based on accurate energy data.


A clear view on energy consumption across the whole site, and thus to establish targets, track progress, and take immediate action when required.

  • Energy consumption monitoring, evaluation, and analyses:  Monitoring of temperatures in warehouses and refrigeration facilities at different locations, where alarms are set for major deviations.
  • Consumption awareness and total visibility into the furnace performance: Bakery utilization analyses. Measurement of utilization is based on the data of intensity usage of furnaces.
  • Alarm in case of consumption or cost deviations
  • Yoghurt packing machine Mercator Emba - Manufacturer of various food products Information system for energy management Read more
  • Zito Company Žito company - Company Profile: Production of bakery, confectionary and milled products, frozen foods, candy, chewing gum, chocolate, biscuit pastry, pasta, spices, tea, and rice. Project: Information system for energy management   KEY FIGURES: Consumption of resources: electricity Facilities: number of buildings 12… Read more

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