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Transmission System Operator


Assure reliable gas transmission and improve the operational process with measurement data management (data collection and processing). The data will be used to improve:

Core technical processes

  • Pipeline Integrity Management: visualization of hydraulic conditions
  • Gas Consumption Management: data collection from the gas grid, gas consumption measuring, gas consumption demand forecasting
  • Gas Quality Control: data collection from chromatographs
  • Gas Supply management: measure the gas level in gas tanks, monitoring of the pressure in pipelines, alerts setting.


Core commercial & organizational processes

  • Allocation & Balancing Management
  • Automated Billing & Invoicing of all transmission services provided: data validation for billing, management and billing of network access contracts, management and billing of gas balancing group contracts
  • Capacity Contract & Bilateral Capacity Trade Management
  • User Portals: special user portal that provides users and balance groups with an overview of the amount of gas consumption data



Core technical operations:

  • Accurate gas consumption management based on real-time data (Data collection from the gas grid in real-time, precise gas consumption measuring, validation and controlling, gas consumption demand forecasting based on reliable data);
  • Gas quality management (Gas quality control and evaluation by collecting data from chromatographs);
  • Optimization of the supply processes (Measuring and controlling of the gas level in gas tanks, improving supply processes and simplification of the logistics);
  • Pipeline Integrity Management (Visualization of Hydraulic Conditions. Preventive measures and optimization of the grid operators work);


Core commercial operations:

  • Digitalization of contracting and agreement process
  • Digitalization of billing processes (On the basis contracts data and consumption journal the following precise calculations are done: calculation of network charges for the transmission network of natural gas, balance adjustment, calculation of transaction in the Virtual Point, calculation of balance differences and systematic balancing of deviations);
  • Digitalization of accounting processes (Digital access to systematize accounting data in the system, accounting statement and commercial data – pricelists, templates and other documentation)
  • Partners and users satisfaction (Special user portal NUS. It provides users and balance groups with an overview of the amount of gas consumption data. Possibility of issuing and sending E-invoices to all users, who requires it);
  • Revenue forecasting and planning (Making a precise revenue planning system based on current and planned transmission agreements data)
  • SOLUTION FOR GAS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM OPERATOR - Assure reliable gas transmission and improve the operational process. Use reliable data to improve core technical and commercial processes: Pipeline Integrity Management, Gas Consumption Management, Gas Quality Control, Gas Supply management, Allocation & Balancing Management, Automated Billing & Invoicing, Capacity… Read more

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