Energy audits

The key milestone for an efficient decrease of energy use.



An energy audit is a starting point for your energy management strategy.

Get clear answers as to where, when and how energy resources are being used. Our experts will visit your site and inspect every piece of equipment that is using energy – lighting, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air compressors and water-consuming equipment. Once you have the audit results, you will make informed decisions about your upcoming energy initiatives, plan energy efficiency improvements, decrease energy costs and reduce emissions.

Case study "Energy Audit for Slovenian Post"


Targeted measures for your particular case with a detailed action plan for organisational changes and investment decisions that will lead to energy consumption savings.

GemaLogic – Energy Management Software will provide you with a big picture overview of your energy consumption based on data measurements & analytics to identify site inefficiencies.

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The action plan complies with the EU methodology for energy audits.

All our energy audits are based on:
– UNI EN 16247 Standard, which determines the implementation of energy audits (energy audits);
– Standard SIST ISO 50002: 2014, which specifies the implementation of energy audits as well as the relationship between the energy audit and the energy management system according to the ISO 50001.
Our energy managers will help you to identify the best strategy for compliance based on regulatory requirements assessment.

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Our energy audit report will focus on the presentation of feasible energy optimisation measures, but will also include:
– A description of the current energy situation
– An overview of the annual consumption and costs of individual energy sources for the last three years
– Elaboration of a detailed analysis of all energy media for the last year
– Identification and determination of the load profile of the main energy consumers
– An overview of energy systems, namely: the electricity system, the system for supply and distribution of heat and other relevant systems
– Project timeline
– Expected annual savings
– Expected implementation cost

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Co-financing opportunities

Eko sklad offers co-financing opportunities for Slovenian companies for carrying out an energy audit. for carrying out an energy audit and implementation of ISO 50001 standard. To carry out an energy audit, your company will need to select an external contractor that meets all the criteria for know-how and experience. Solvera Lynx can carry out energy audits in accordance with your requirements, methodology, the European directive, and Slovenian legislation.

As a result, of the energy audits, you will get the set of measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy and water consumption:
– a detailed overview of the energy use of a building or a group of buildings (analysis of the thermal envelope and energy systems in the building)
– an analysis of energy efficiency measures to improve energy efficiency, including economic analysis, savings, and environmental effects;
– economic indicators of the recommended energy efficiency measures (net present value, ROI, payback period).

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Use cases

Debeli Rtič hotel complex

Company Profile: The Debeli Rtič Youth Health and Summer Resort is a hotel complex managed by the Slovenian Red Cross. The complex was built in 1956 and remodelled in 2016. Project: an information system for energy management. By using LoRaWAN technology, ComBox.L devices, and the GemaLogic software platform at Debeli Rtič Youth ...[ read more ]

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Company profile: The SIJ Group is the largest Slovenian vertically integrated metallurgical group and one of the largest producers of stainless and special steels in Europe. Project: The introduction of a comprehensive energy management system and measures as a basis for future energy consumption reduction. The project required a custom-made solution ...[ read more ]

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Energy management system in Laško Brewery

Company Profile: Pivovarna Laško is the leading Slovenian brewery. Project: A preinvestment study and information system for energy management. During active monitoring and implementing the appropriate measures, Pivovarna Laško was able to decrease their water use by 14%, their electric energy use by 11%, their heat consumption by 10%, and ...[ read more ]

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Company Profile: BTC - office buildings, shopping and logistics centres. Business and leisure center with a wide selection of sport, entertainment, and cultural activities, as well as an area of creative and business-oriented thinking. Project: Information system for energy management.    KEY DATA: Business area of 475,000 m2 56 facilities ...[ read more ]

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Energy Audits

We carried out energy audits, introduced by EU methodology, in numerous large industrial plants.   Energy Audits (implementation process): DS SMITH Slovenia, Energy Audit - Brestanica, Logatec, Rakek, 2018 Kovinoplastika Lodge, Energy Audit, 2018 SIJ Group, ACRONI Jesenice, Energy Audit, 2017  Group SIJ, METAL Ravne, Energy Audit, 2017   Completed ...[ read more ]

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Company Profile: SPAR Slovenia includes a Distribution Centre, bakery, corporate-owned stores. Project: an introduction of energy management system to monitor and analyze real-time energy consumption, define and analyze key energy efficiency indicators and implement an energy accounting system. KEY PROJECT DATA: Consumption of resources:electricity, natural gas,liquid petroleum gas,district heat, fuel ...[ read more ]

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Company Profile: One of the largest private providers of care facilities in Austria. The group includes seven hospitals, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers and two care homes.  Project: Information system for energy management Solvera Lynx has provided a comprehensive energy management system for the Vinzenz Group – one of the ...[ read more ]

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Solutions by Solvera Lynx not only provide control and oversight over electrical energy on trains, but also the tools to improve energy efficiency in railway infrastructure.

Ben Winters, Eastvision Nizozemska

Solvera Lynx have created program solutions and integrated them into our information environment.

Denis Battistela, CASRAM Italija

By using the GemaLogic energy management system here at BTC d.d., we are able to track the consumption of different energy sources in all our objects from a single reading point in a simple and easy-to-use way. The system is an excellent tool for monitoring the data, setting alarms and enables us to use energy effectively and cut energy costs.

Tomaž Damjan, BTC d.d.

At Telekom Slovenije, we use the GemaLogic energy management system, which meets the ISO 50001 standard. This way, we have all the energy source use for all our locations around Slovenia gathered in one place. The system is also an effective tool for cutting energy costs.

Axatel smart application S.R.l. integrated the Solvera Lynx ComBox.L range of devices into our existing platform. We use ComBox.L 2T devices for temperature measurements in the Axatel Smartcity platform.

Marco Rossi, Axatel
btc telekom_slovenije sava_tires dars mahle adk salonit rtv_slo

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