Project name: “DEUP – Demonstration of integrated energy management”.


Solvera Lynx has joined the consortium of companies led by Petrol, d.d. in order to carry out the Demonstration of Integrated Energy Management project (DEUP) to develop solutions for the active inclusion of consumption, advanced management of consumption response and energy consumption management. Demonstration projects will be implemented in collaboration with large industrial consumers in the iron, automotive and electrical industries. Due to the specificity of individual groups of consumers and the targeted applicative implementation, the work has been divided into 3 parts.

  • The first part, THE PLATFORM FOR FLEXIBLE ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN STEEL (STEELFLEX) is led by Solvera Lynx and it refers to the development of the advanced platform for flexible consumption management. Two pilot demonstrations will take place, a flexible consumption master platform and the Steelflex application that targets the steel industry.
  • The second part combines the development and implementation of the EMS adjusted for classic industrial production, the so-called factory management system, FEMS in short. Two pilot installations of FEMS will be made and one pilot installation of the comprehensive energy monitoring transformer.
  • The third part focuses on the energy optimisation of plumbing systems, and two pilot installations will be made.

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The commencement of the project: June 2017

The scheduled completion of the project: 2020

Contact person:

Head of Software Development Department


The project is supported by:

SPIRIT Slovenia:

European Regional Development Fund (ESRR):

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology:

Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy:


The Demonstration of Integrated Energy Management Project (DEUP) was chosen at a tender of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Public Agency SPIRIT Slovenia entitled “Pilot/Demonstration Projects – Part I: converting, distribution and energy management”, thus the “Demonstration of Integrated Energy Management” will be co-financed, as evident from the decision no. 303-7-4/2016/7, that is partly financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ESRR) and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

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