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ADK Company

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ADK Company

Company Profile: Manufacturing of complex steel structures

Project: Energy audit, implementation of the energy management system and targeted monitoring of energy use

Company ADK d.o.o. is one of the largest metal-processing companies in Slovenia. Production is carried out in 4 plants – Hoče, Dolane, Maribor and Novi Travnik (BiH). Need for total transparency over energy use and multiple facilities that are not interconnected by one energy management infrastructure made the introduction of an energy system a must.


  • The introduction of an information system for energy monitoring and targeted monitoring of energy and water use,
  • Diagnostics of efficient energy use,
  • Tracking energy flows in correlation with production data,
  • Analyses of the introduction of appropriate technical investments that will lower the energy costs.

Project goals

The introduction of an information system for energy monitoring and targeted monitoring of energy and water use.

• Diagnostics of feicient energy use,
• Tracking energy flows in corelation with production data
• Analyses of introduction of appropriate technical investments that will lower the energy costs.

Energy management software solution:

Introduction of GemaLogic Platform as a tool for energy diagnostics and consumption management provides a detailed overview of the energy products use (electricity, natural gas, LPG, water) and shows a clear picture of consumption by individual sites / processes (production processes).

Insights from GemaLogic system is turn-key information for investment projects – it is possible to measure the situation before and after the investment implementation, and so define the savings accurately.

  • Based on the measured data it is possible to identify the places where the energy consumption deviates from the expected values. Quick action and error correction can greatly reduce the costs (eg leakage of water).
  • Due to remote monitoring, collecting all the relevant consumption information at one source and advance analyses – the opportunities for systems improvements can be easily identified.
  • The GemaLogic platform also provided the possibility for the quality analyses of the network, which can detect possible deviations from the expected values.


Hardware solutions:

  • ComBox.M – Modular Communication Device
  • GsmBox.X4 – Remote data acquisition station


Results & Benefits

  • Digitalization of energy data (real time energy monitoring, advanced analysis, benchmarking);
  • Analytics to identify consumption patterns & compare historical data;
  • Protection from unexpected energy consumption;
  • The detection of deviations and its causes;
  • Reduction of energy and water losses;
  • Support in ISO 50.001 implementation.


Electricity consumption monitoring:

  • Introduction of electric energy consumption measurements by individual cities and analyses of the quality of the electricity in the network.
  • Data analyses, targets, and deviations tracking.


Gas consumption monitoring:

  • Remote capture of gas level data and consumption monitoring.
  • Remote collection of data from the main gas meter and the installation of new gas meters in production halls, boiler rooms to separate the consumption of natural gas in office and production facilities.
  • Detailed analyzes provided by the GemaLogic Platform to quickly identify potential anomalies in the use of natural gas.


Water consumption monitoring:

  • The acquisition of data at the hourly level from existing meters.
  • Timely detection of leakage of water that would otherwise be noticeable only from monthly invoices as well as the definition of consumption for sanitary purposes. Subsequently, the analysis helped ADK to project the sanitary heating systems requirements.

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