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DS Smith Company

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DS Smith Company

Company Profile: a leading provider of corrugated packaging.

Project: Introduction of an information system for energy management.

The main challenge:  monitoring the consumption of energy products in all production units and establishing a benchmarking of energy consumption.


Introducing Solvera Lynx’s energy management system GemaLogic has enabled a comprehensive digitalization of energy data, a transparent view of energy use while offering a tool to DS Smith Slovenia employees to carry out more relevant energy management activities (efficient energy use and cost reduction).

The introduction of an integrated system and the connection between energy and production data have enabled continuous monitoring of energy consumption and constant optimization of energy costs.


Why GemaLogic Platform was chosen:

• Reduction of energy consumption: the direct consequence of the introduction of the energy management information system was a few percentage points, which resulted in high savings.
• Energy billing according to actual consumption
• Greater efficiency of energy management: GemaLogic has enabled energy managers to effectively manage energy-related tasks based on detailed and objective data, rather than merely acting based on monthly data, experience, and assumptions.
• Better coordination of energy management: it enabled continuous monitoring of energy efficiency through profit centers and more efficient cooperation with production/subsidiary leaders on energy use. It also allowed the peak consumption of individual energy products to be analyzed, which allowed DS Smith energy managers to take action and reduce them.
• Shorter response time: the energy manager had the opportunity to detect early trends/changes/ problems in energy consumption and process (production) and could quickly react to prevent financial and material damage.
• It enabled a time-independent review and evaluation of energy consumption in accordance with tariffs, schedules, and the like, thus enabling a financial analytical approach to calculation and organization of production.
• Measuring the effectiveness of measures (organizational or investment) for optimizing energy use: an information system for energy management with advanced analyzes of targeted energy consumption monitoring enabled the monitoring of the actual effects from various improvements.



The introduction of a new energy management system, energy consumption optimization, and reduction of energy losses was possible due to the implementation of  GemaLogic® platform:

• A detailed overview of energy metrics to reduce consumption in the long run
• Analytics to identify consumption patterns, compare historical data, and predict future energy needs. Comparison of individual production units with each other and thus the opportunity to continuously optimize their consumption.
• A detailed usage overview, which is gathered, processed, stored and shared throughout the organization automatically.
• Protection from unexpected energy consumption based on pre-defined key performance indicators and alarm system implementation that send notifications when consumption increases.
• Monitoring of the effects of actions that have been made to reduce energy consumption.

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