Solvera Lynx launch ComBox.L the new LoRaWAN Energy Data Logger

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Solvera Lynx launch ComBox.L the new LoRaWAN Energy Data Logger


Solvera Lynx launch ComBox.L the new LoRaWAN Energy Data Logger

Solvera Lynx today announced the commercial launch of its ComBox.L ™ energy data logger powered with battery using LoRaWAN wireless communication network. ComBox.L ™ enables industrial and commercial entities to remotely monitor their energy use.

One of ComBox.L’s key advantages is that our data loggers simply sit next to energy meters such as electricity, water or gas and communicate directly with our Gemalogic user interface via LoRaWAN wireless network. That delivers unparalleled data in a cost-effective manner. ComBox.L is offered in three different versions; pulse counter, temperature sensor and On/Off status. The devices works with either public LoRaWAN networks and private LoRaWAN networks.

Gemalogic, our software suite, is a fully scalable, end-to-end energy intelligence solution. Gemalogic can deliver insight into past and current energy consumption according to a range of criteria including cost, kWh, M3, ampere, voltage and CO2 emission. This information enables users to benchmark, monitor, manage, alert, report and display consumption data across one or multiple facilities; break down usage by specific categories such as equipment’s, lights, heating or climate control; detect usage peaks and trends; follow the status and condition of installations and equipment; and better anticipate faults.

By Francois Froment

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