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By controlling energy use, we help leading companies in the fields of energy, manufacturing, infrastructure and transport.


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Base Stations, Charging Stations, Communication Devices, Gauges, Sensors

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Smart city solutions: remote control of water consumption

According to the Statistic Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia had a 27% loss of pumped water and 3% of uncharged water supply in 2020.   WHY IS REMOTE CONTROL OF WATER CONSUMPTION IMPORTANT? With remote reading, utility companies, cities and business entities address the challenges they most often face in...

Solvera Lynx’s Virtual Power Plant Solution

SOLVERA LYNX'S VIRTUAL POWER PLANT SOLUTION With growing demand for energy generation and increasing amounts of renewable power in the grid, new challenges emerge: imbalance loads and difficulties with an integration of diverse resources. Considering these challenges, companies need to find cost-effective solutions to integration different energy sources and transform...

Energy Demand Management in Households

ENERGY DEMAND MANAGEMENT IN HOUSEHOLDS Increasing the share of renewable energy sources, electric charging stations, battery systems and adaptive end-users in the network delivers both technological and business challenges and ultimately presents an opportunity to develop smart grid system for all electrical energy users. Precisely because of the new technological progress,...