Bat2Life: Smart Demand and Energy Production Management Using Second-Life Battery

Project Description.

The RRI project Bat2Life is developing an innovative platform for the efficient use of batteries from electric vehicles in energy storage systems. It contributes to a low-carbon circular economy, green development, and zero greenhouse gas emissions. The project promotes research and development, increases investments in R&D, and improves the energy efficiency of renewable energy sources. With a comprehensive approach, the project team – Solvera Lynx and Metron Institute – aims to achieve sustainable battery usage and increase the utilization of renewable energy in Slovenia. The Bat2Life project significantly contributes to the achievement of these strategic goals. The development of an innovative digital platform and standardized battery storage module using partially depleted EV batteries will enable the development of integrated solutions for flexible and energy-efficient electricity production and consumption systems, which include energy storage systems, renewable energy sources (such as solar power plants), and charging stations. The project’s acronym, Bat2Life, is indicative of its purpose: the battery’s transition from sustainable mobility to stationary systems that improve energy efficiency in its second life cycle.

The Purpose of The Project.

The purpose of the RRI project Bat2Life is to develop and conduct research aimed at addressing developmental challenges and opportunities in the field of smart demand and energy production management using battery energy storage systems constructed from second-life batteries previously used in electric vehicles (EV).

Planned & Achieved Project Results.

The outcome of the project represents a completely new high-tech product with high added value, intended for use in the energy sector to support the green transition of households and small businesses. The system has significant market potential both in Slovenia, the region, and globally. The results of the RRI project will have an indirect impact on waste generation. The proposed RRI project will extend the battery’s useful life by approximately 10 years, but recycling will still be necessary at the end of the battery’s lifespan. The extension of battery life also provides an additional 10 years to develop and industrialize battery degradation, recycling processes, and the reuse of materials from used batteries. The results of the RRI project have a positive impact on the field of climate change in the following areas:

a) Each battery from an electric vehicle that is given new life in a battery energy storage system results in a similar reduction in CO2 emissions as transitioning from an internal combustion engine vehicle to an electric vehicle.

b) Improved energy efficiency of renewable energy sources (OVE) and energy islands with battery storage systems, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

c) By extending the useful life of batteries in other applications beyond electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure will improve, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of e-mobility.

Financial Values and Amount of Project Financing.

  • Total financial value of the project: 565,711.40 EUR
  • Total amount of co-financing: 299,946.20 EUR

The investment is part of the measures in the recovery and resilience plan, which is financed through The Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The recovery and resilience plan

Duration of The Project.

  • 1st January 2023 – 31st December 2024.

Project Partners.

  • Solvera Lynx is a medium-sized ICT company and one of the leading providers of energy efficiency solutions, serving as a development supplier in Slovenia and also in the wider region.
  • Metron Institute is a small, innovative high-tech company that develops cutting-edge solutions in the field of electric mobility, with a focus on solutions for sustainable energy cycles.

Financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

Funded by the European Union Next Generation EU
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