Become Our Partner.

Become a partner of Agent or Local Service Provider of Solvera Lynx and expand your range of services. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and support required for the promotion and execution of the energy management services.

THE AGENT promotes Solvera Lynx’s solutions and products to potential customers. The Agent is specialized in a certain region, industry, or group of end-users of our solutions and products.

THE LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDER is located in a certain territory and uses the complete know-how on energy management solutions and products of Solvera Lynx to be locally provided, installed, and maintained. The Local Service Provider acts in his name and for his account and represents the equivalent of Solvera Lynx on his dedicated market.

What you get.


  • An intermediary contract
  • Basic product and solutions training
  • Pre-defined customer protection
  • Our dedicated sales support that supports the agent in the sales process from the -initial offer to the signing
  • A pre-defined commission



  • Partnership agreement
  • Pre-defined customer protection
  • Technical and commercial training 1-3 experts (1 week)
  • Localized technical and sales documentation
  • Regular annual training (min. 2 days/expert)
  • Unlimited access to the demo version of GemaLogic with data simulation support
  • ICT equipment for demonstrations and pilot projects under partner’s conditions (1x ComBox.M, 2x ComBox.L,1x BASE STATION LoRa, other equipment as per project requirements)
  • SaaS services, SW installation and on-line support
  • The right to close direct supply contracts or combined supply-maintenance contracts in the partner’s option.

What We Expect.


  • To be a technical or commercial specialist with a clearly expressed interest for business development and promotion of SOLVERA LYNX´s energy management solutions and products.
  • To have at least 3 years of technical or commercial experience
  • To have a portfolio of potential leads
  • To be a person with integrity



  • To have an operating company in the field of energy management or related
  • To have a clearly expressed interest in being active on a long-term basis in the field of energy management
  • To have a good reputation
  • To employ at least one dedicated energy management specialist
  • To have a portfolio of existing customers and leads

If you feel you are perfect for us don't hesitate and contact us at