ComBoxLM - Interoperable IoT Communication Device ComBoxLM

Brief description of the project.

The project will develop an IoT communication device on LoRaWAN technology. The main technological challenges are to ensure the operation of the device in different frequency ranges, interoperability, easy adjustment and miniaturization of the device.

We will provide interoperability at three levels:

  • the operation of the device in networks of various LoRaWAN network services,
  • the connectivity of the device with software solutions for managing LoRaWAN networks,
  • connectivity of the device to the NN measuring fuse.

In the event of an overflow, electric currents in the NN measuring fuses can reach up to a few kiloamps, while the high temperature is released. In particular, the interoperability of the device with the NN will provide an additional challenge for the development of the HW and SW.


Project goals.

  • Operation of the device in different frequency ranges, different geographical areas
  • Interoperability of the device I – Operation of the device on the networks of different providers of LoRaWAN network services
  • Easy configuration – User-friendly configuration tools
  • Miniaturization of the device


  • Total: 552.660,00 EUR
  • Co-financed: 248.697,00 EUR

Other information about the project.

  • Start of the project: 06.12.2018
  • Projected completion: 05.12.2020
  • Contact person: Marko Levičnik, Head of HW product development solutions, Solvera Lynx d.o.o. (

Partners in the project.

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