Short description of the project.

Solvera Lynx is participating in the Slovenian-Japanese NEDO project, which is a three-year smart grid project in which the main partners are the Japanese development agency NEDO and its authorized contractor Hitachi and ELES. In addition to ELES, a large number of stakeholders will be involved in the project on the Slovenian side, which is why it is rightly called a national project, which is why it is also a unique project of its kind in Europe. Related projects across Europe are focused on a core area or community, and in our case, with integrated and centrally managed cloud solutions, we can actually talk about deploying a smart grid at the country level.

Solvera Lynx coordinates one of the 4 sets of the project, namely WG3, in which we cooperate with the electricity distribution company Elektro Maribor, EIMV, TECES, Local Energy Agency Ptuj, Creative Laboratory and more than 800 household users who joined the project “MOVE CONSUMPTION (www. It is a project who’s goal is to test the possibilities for the management of electricity consumption (Deman Response) at customers at a time when the network is in a period of high energy consumption.

As part of the project, Solvera Lynx provides software development, Deman Response Control System and coordinates the installation of LoRaWAN wireless communication devices for direct disconnection and equipment for home energy management (Home energy Management System) of two Slovenian providers, namely Entia and Robotina.

System (smart) meters are included in the advanced metering system enable the system operator to perform advanced services. With appropriate incentives, it is possible to ensure that customers are actively involved in consumption adjustment programs, thus contributing to the reduction of investment costs in the expansion of the electricity network.

By joining the consumption adjustment scheme approved by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, customers become part of a group of active users in the area of ​​10 municipalities on the right side of the Drava, covered by the Breg transformer substation (RTP) and already included in advanced measurement system. At the same time, customers will also be part of an important international project, which includes both Slovenian and Japanese companies, and which will provide guidelines for the development of advanced tariffs for the whole of Slovenia. The project covers the municipalities of Cirkulane, Hajdina, Kidričevo, Majšperk, Makole, Podlehnik, Ptuj, Starše, Videm and Žetale.

The Slovenian-Japanese project enables more reliable supply, represents an opportunity for domestic industry, and based on the experience gained, it will provide guidelines for the whole of Slovenia.

  • Project start: June 2017
  • Expected completion of the project: 31 december 2018
  • Contact person: Director of Research and Development, Kristina Bogataj Habjan,
  • The implementation of the project is supported by: ELES, NEDO and Hitachi

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