Successfully performed Energy Audits in 2022

We are very proud of our team of Energy Managers, who successfully completed 14 Energy Audits last year. Energy Audits were carried out at 52 locations throughout Slovenia. The companies that entrusted us with the performance of an Energy Audit operate in various branches of industry, such as manufacturing and construction industries, entrepreneurship and consulting, healthcare and medicine, commercial activities, publishing, production, etc.

We proposed a total of 78 measures that would reduce the annual consumption in total:

  • electricity for 10,000 MWh,
  • of natural gas for 1,200 MWh,
  • of diesel fuel for 60,000 liters
  • and water for 3,600 m3.

If the companies were to successfully implement all the proposed measures, they could save a total of EUR 1,578,340 and reduce emissions by 4,155 tons of CO2.