Energy Audit.

Energy Audit and Energy Consulting.

An Energy Audit is the starting point for an Energy Management Strategy. Get clear answers on where, when and how energy resources are used. You may not even realise you are spending it. Energy Audit are carried out by our experienced Energy Managers, who have a wealth of experience and have helped some of the biggest companies in Slovenia to save money. They have experience with companies operating in a wide range of industries.

The Energy Audit is carried out in four key steps.

Data collection. We collect data on the energy consumption of the building, equipment, machinery and other important energy consumers. This is important for analysing the whole system, understanding the organisation’s performance and energy consumption needs.

Visiting the organisation. It is necessary to collect any additional information needed to study energy consumption patterns (e. g. make and size of equipment model, operating hours, etc. ).

Analysis of information. The available data is analysed to determine energy consumption and efficiency based on the company’s activities and operations. We identify where energy consumption is too high to take appropriate measures to reduce consumption, costs and increase efficiency.

Energy Saving Plan. The preparation of an energy saving plan is based on the information gathered. The Energy audit will propose measures to improve energy efficiency and assess opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption.

Energetski pregled

An Energy Audit identifies energy efficiency problems and energy saving opportunities in the company. With a detailed report, a company can see what is using more energy than it should. Find out where you can make improvements that will help you save on energy costs and fight climate change.

Benefits of Energy Audit.
  • Lower Energy Costs: identify and reduce energy inefficiencies for lower operational expenses.
  • Lower CO2 emissions: contribute to sustainability goals.
  • Equipment Health: detect and fix malfunctioning equipment to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Employee Safety: ensure a safer workplace by addressing energy-related safety hazards.
  • Customised reports and analysis: receive tailored reports and insights for personalized energy optimization.
  • Environmental Responsibility: showcase commitment to the environment, boosting corporate reputation.
  • Added Value: discover opportunities for process improvements, enhancing overall business value.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: optimize energy use to prolong the lifespan of machinery, reducing capital expenses.
What you get from an Energy Audit.

The Energy Audit will suggest organisational measures to reduce costs and energy consumption and provide a summary for business decision-making. The main findings of the Energy Audit will be summarised, together with a list of proposed actions, with an estimate of the investment needed and the annual savings. The analyses and findings will be presented in writing, in a way you can understand. We also present it to the company‘s management.

The implementation of the Energy Audit is based on the UNI EN 16247 standard, which specifies the implementation of Energy Audits, and the SIST ISO 50002:2018 standard, which specifies the implementation of Energy Audits, the realtionship between the Energy Audit and the Energy Management System according to ISO 50001.

energy audit
energy audit
A clear plan of action.

The company will receive a clear action plan and a clear report on the implementation of the energy audit. It focuses on the presentation of feasible energy optimization measures.

  • Proposal of organizational measures (does not include significant investment funds and maintenance measures with smaller investments)
  • Proposal for investment measures (at the level of the building, heating system, electricity use, cooling and ventilation)
  • Project timeline
  • Expected costs of implementing the measures
  • Expected annual savings
Energy Audit goals.

The aim of the energy audit is to increase the awareness and information of the company’s employees and management, and above all to prepare proposals for measures in the field of efficient energy use. On the basis of proposed organizational and investment measures for efficient energy use and on the basis of energy, economic and ecological criteria, the management decides to introduce individual measures and investments according to certain priorities.

A company can quickly improve energy efficiency when it starts to deal with it systematically. It does this in a way that includes everything that has any impact on energy use. On average, our customers achieve savings of 7% in the first year after implementation!

Energy Audits in 2022
energy audit
Co-financing of an Energy Audit.

State aid from Eko sklad is available for the implementation of an Energy Audit or the introduction of an Energy Management System. The amount of the non-refundable financial aid is up to 50% of the eligible costs of the Energy Audit and implementation of the Energy Management System. We help you with all the necessary documentation for tender application.

The Energy Audit will propose measures to improve energy efficiency and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption:

  • a detailed review of the energy use of a building or a group of buildings (including an analysis of the thermal envelope and energy systems in the building),
  • analysis of measures for efficient use of energy to improve energy efficiency, which should include economic analysis, savings and environmental effects,
  • economic indicators of recommended energy efficiency measures (net present value, internal rate of return, payback period).

To carry out an Energy Audit and implement the Energy Mnagement System, you will need to choose an external contractor who meets the criteria in terms of knowledge and experience, in accordance with the standards. Solvera Lynx carries out the Energy Audit and system implementation in accordance with your requirements, the methodology, the European Directive and Slovenian legislation. We are one of the leading providers of Energy Audits in Slovenia. With operational efficiency, we guarantee a competitive price, quality execution and professional preparation of the final report.