Successfully Conducted Energy Audits in 2022

In 2022, we successfully conducted 14 Energy Audits, showcasing the expertise of our team of Energy Managers. These audits covered 52 locations across Slovenia, encompassing diverse industries like manufacturing, construction, entrepreneurship, consulting, healthcare, medicine, commercial activities, publishing, and production.

In total, we conducted 14 Energy Audits in 2022 and  proposed 78 measures to significantly reduce annual consumption:

  • electricity by 10,000 MWh,
  • natural gas by 1,200 MWh,
  • diesel fuel by 60,000 liters,
  • and water by 3,600 m3.

Implementing all proposed measures could potentially save these companies a total of EUR 1,578,340 and reduce emissions by 4,155 tons of CO2.

Energy Audits in 2022

Benefits of Energy Audit.
  • Lower Energy Costs: identify and reduce energy inefficiencies for lower operational expenses.
  • Lower CO2 emissions: contribute to sustainability goals.
  • Equipment Health: detect and fix malfunctioning equipment to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Employee Safety: ensure a safer workplace by addressing energy-related safety hazards.
  • Customised reports and analysis: receive tailored reports and insights for personalized energy optimization.
  • Environmental Responsibility: showcase commitment to the environment, boosting corporate reputation.
  • Added Value: discover opportunities for process improvements, enhancing overall business value.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: optimize energy use to prolong the lifespan of machinery, reducing capital expenses.

We would like to highlight the public call from the Eco Fund, offering non-refundable financial incentives to assist companies in conducting energy audits of buildings, processes, and transport within the company or for the implem entation of an energy management system. This financial assistance is intended to promote sustainable approaches to energy efficiency in businesses. The amount of non-refundable financial assistance is up to 50% of the eligible costs of conduction an energy audit, excluding VAT.