Energy Efficiency in Multipurpose Buildings.

Office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping and logistics centers, ...

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Get an Energy Saving and Sustainability Badge.

The European Union emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency in buildings and promotes measures to reduce their environmental impact. For this purpose, various actions have been taken, including the European Directive on the Energy Efficiency of Buildings, which mandates the enhancement of energy efficiency in existing buildings and the construction of new low-energy consumption structures.

Get an Energy Saving and Sustainability Badge.

By digitizing energy data, you can monitor energy use in real time, obtain advanced and comparative analyses, and monitor the goals of the entire organization/facility. Sophisticated analytics to identify consumption patterns, identify problem areas, examine equipment systems and compare historical data, and predict energy needs.



With alarms, you have control over system errors, detect deviations and their causes in energy consumption (e.g. water leaks), and reduce your reaction time in case of improper operation of devices, machines, systems, … and thus prevent or reduce expensive maintenance.

Smart Lighting.

Lighting represents about 40% of the total costs in commercial buildings, so it is important that the lighting is efficient. Control your lighting system remotely from one place. Set lighting schedules, adjust brightness and on/off according to your needs. As the system is adaptable to your requirements and needs, it is very easy to use.

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An Easy Way to an Energy Management System ISO 50001.

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a series of procedures that enable companies to use data and information to maintain and improve energy efficiency. They improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. Solvera Lynx supports you in continuous improvements and a systematic approach to system deployment.