Energy Efficiency in Industry.

Manage Your Energy.

With Energy Management and the digitization of the company’s energy data, we provide you real-time data visualization, with which the company identifies optimal areas for improvement. The company gets a detailed overview of energy measurements, consumption analysis, alarming historical data and forecasts of future energy needs. We also provide the company with advanced analytics and benchmarking of the company’s performance over time – meaning it’s easier to identify where performance improvements may be needed. This data is collected, processed, stored and shared throughout the company from maintenance to management.


Control of System Errors.

Protect yourself from unexpected energy consumption based on predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) and alarms. In the event that consumption increases, e.g. water leaks, control of gas systems,… alarms send you notifications so you can prevent damage and additional unnecessary costs.

Sustainable Development.

Every company has a big impact on the environment. Consumers are increasingly aware of companies’ contributions to global warming and climate change, and companies must take steps to protect the environment in any way they can. Start by reducing your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The Easy Way to an Energy Management System - ISO 50001.

An Energy Management System (EMS) is a series of procedures that enable companies to use data and information to maintain and improve energy efficiency. They improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. Solvera Lynx supports you in continuous improvements and a systematic approach to system deployment.

Our Customers' Challenges.

  • Reduce and control energy consumption costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Lack of energy data on the use of energy products in one place
  • Lack of detailed KPIs related to efficiency and sustainability
  • Provide advanced analyzes related to energy consumption, energy efficiency and sustainable development
  • Predict energy consumption
  • Adapt the infrastructure to new environmental regulations

The implementation of an efficient energy management system contributes to savings of 7% for our customers already in the first year after implementation!


Acquiring Our Customers.

  • Lower Energy Consumption – thanks to to real-time device monitoring and analysis control (quick identification of problem areas and room for improvement with minimal input)
  • Lower Energy Costs (reduced maintenance costs due to ongoing monitoring of installations and visibility of savings generated)
  • Reduced CO2 emissions(energy saving and sustainability badge, reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact)
  • Digitization of energy data (comprehensive overview of energy consumption from one place, monitoring of energy use in real time, advanced and comparative analyses, monitoring of the goals of the entire organization, rapid identification of inefficiencies, analytics to identify consumption patterns, identify problem areas, examine equipment systems and compare past data and predicting energy needs)
  • Alarming (monitoring of system errors, faster reaction time in case of incorrect operation of devices/machines)