Gas Network Control System.

Take Control of the Gas Network

Collect all Data From the Gas Network.

Measure, confirm and control natural gas usage from one place, improving the efficiency, reliability and security of the gas network. Optimize transmission capabilities and reduce metering costs. Monitor the status at the stations for reducing consumption and measuring natural gas.

Predict Gas Usage.

Use our advanced software solutions to accurately predict future gas consumption based on real-time data. In addition to current data on gas consumption, weather information, past consumption and production plans are used to facilitate accurate forecasting.

Control of gas consumption, gas distribution
gas consumption measurement

Get Data from Gas Meters.

Gas consumption of your end users is measured by simple and easy LoRaWAN devices that have a long life and low operating costs.

Solvera Lynx also offers cost-effective hardware solutions for remote data capture. Our innovative ComBox equipment uses LoRaWAN technology, which ensures the connection of LoRa network devices to gas meters.

LoRaWAN sensors require a minimum amount of energy to operate and are powered by batteries or cables, and their lifespan reaches up to 10 years.

Make Gas Billing Simple and Accurate.

Confirm measurements, monitor contract parameters, calculate and issue standard or electronic invoices. Upgrade and improve allocation and balance management, automate billing and invoices, upgrade capacity contract and bilateral capacity trade management.

Digitize billing processes and calculate network charges and adjust balances. Also digitize accounting processes and gain access to accounting and commercial data such as price lists, proposals and other documentation.

Avoid Empty Fuel Tanks.

Measure the gas level in gas tanks, improve supply and simplify logistics. Prevent empty tanks, overfills, reduce uncertainty associated with transfer of custody and reduce security risk. Replace manual measurements in hazardous environments with a modern wireless solution. Upgrade your system by equipping one tank at a time, improving process efficiency, accuracy and safety.

gas consumption measurement