Smart City.

Monitoring, Alarming & Planning

Water Level Monitoring & Control.

Flood prevention has never been easier. Prevent flooding with automatic water level detection. This eliminates the need for manual checks, saving you time and money. Improve site maintenance team productivity by optimizing operations. Receive unlimited text messages and emails alerting you to unusual changes, allowing you to respond immediately and prevent high maintenance costs.

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water usage monitoring

Water Consumption Control.

Take the first steps to ensure that water networks remain in top condition. Avoid costly system damage and potentially dangerous leaks and spills. Increase the reliability and safety of the water network and reduce metering costs. Get a demand forecast estimate for accurate predictions of future water use based on real-time data. Monitor water quality and make decisions if necessary before conditions deteriorate.

Collect data remotely from multiple devices and systems, analyze the data and use it to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

Control of Gas Consumption.

  • Measure, confirm and monitor natural gas consumption
  • Increase the reliability and security of the gas network, optimize transmission
  • Increase capacity and reduce your metering costs
  • Get an estimate of the demand forecast
  • Monitor and control the quality of gas in the network
  • Prevent empty fuel tanks, overfills, reduce uncertainty associated with transfer of custody and reduce security risks
  • Simple and accurate gas billing
Control of gas consumption, gas distribution

Access Control.

With access control, you can monitor hundreds of doors and windows simultaneously in real time. Installation is easy, as it is battery powered, and the service life between battery changes will also be longer. The wireless sensor has a long range, so you can place traps miles away from your door. The design of the solution is smart and discreet, so it will not stand out either to you or to potential intruders.

Smart Lighting and Smart Services.

Smart lighting enables significant energy savings, which means lower operating costs, without affecting comfort and lighting quality. Dimmable lighting also extends lamp life and further contributes to reducing light pollution and maintenance costs. Instead of performing routine maintenance checks, lighting operators can deploy workers only when needed.

By connecting sensors in the GemaLogic platform you can perform many smart services:

  • Full lighting control
  • On and off timers
  • Dimming the lights
  • Power outage notification
  • Air quality control
  • Parking assistance
  • Reading license plates
  • Flood detection
  • Public/private wireless internet
  • Temperature reading
  • Counting people
  • Detection of crowd noise, gunshots or accidents
pametno mesto

A smart city must be able to collect and analyze data in real time, define goals and find strategies to solve problems quickly.