Energy Efficiency in E-Mobility.

Charging Infrastructure of Different Manufacturers.

We offer our private and business customers a comprehensive range of charging infrastructure from various manufacturers. All solutions and products are compatible and compatible with the GemaLogic system.

All Vehicle Types.

The charging stations offered by Smappee are suitable for all types of electric vehicles and support private and public use supported by connection to a payment system.

Smappee EV Base - charge park
Battery e-mobility, a solution for charging infrastructure owners

Integration of Technologies - A Solution for Charging Infrastructure Owners.

We present to you the GemaLogic Flexibility software solution for owners of charging infrastructure, which primarily enables the integration and management of charging stations for electric vehicles, battery systems and renewable sources, such as solar power plants, and adaptation according to the set operating modes, peak loads or set limit values operations. Local optimization of the operation of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in combination with battery systems, a solar power plant and the impact on the main forward-transmitting measurement point or towards the low-voltage (distribution) network is enabled.

The main functionalities allow owners of the charging infrastructure to.

  • peak load regulation based on set parameters,
  • charging optimization based on defined priorities and charging times of all connected vehicles,
  • charging vehicles during low tariff periods.

The GemaLogic Flexibility software solution is intended for.

  • charging infrastructure owners, where they are enabled to include end-users in the household,
  • business users representing owners of car dealerships or office buildings.
energy efficiency emobility smappee
smart network

The owner of the charging infrastructure is also enabled to remotely manage systems installed by end users as well as business users.