Energy Flexibility in Industry.

Consolidation and Customization of Consumption.

Our advanced software solution GemaLogic Flexibility allows the aggregation and adjustment of electricity consumption and generation from distributed sources and flexible loads (battery systems, solar power plants, electrolyser, …).

Optimised Use of Resources and Revenue Generation.

GemaLogic Flexibility manages the reserve for frequency restoration and support for buying and selling and, consequently, balancing the electricity market. The solution ensures continuous coverage of electricity outages, optimizes the use of own dispersed sources, meets increased needs for electricity by switching on own sources, improves the quality of electricity and enables revenue generation by selling surplus energy produced from own sources.

Industrijska fleksibilnost
smart network

Purpose and Use of Demand Response Systems.

Demand adjustment systems are developing in the direction of:

  • Dynamic lowering of peak loads.
  • Development of system aggregators (independent or as part of electricity suppliers).
  • Offers of active involvement of dynamic tariff network end users.
  • Increases in overall energy efficiency through control and management of end-user network systems.
  • Flexibility, which allows the end user to adapt and freely choose the production source of electricity.