Energy dependence is the ratio of net imports (imports exports) to energy supply at country level and measures a countrys dependence on energy imports. The decrease was mainly due to a 16% decrease in imports of petroleum products and an increase in domestic energy production. Slovenia met 55% of its energy needs in 2020 with domestic energy sources.

ISO 50001 Certificate - Energy Management System.

The aim of the standard is to help organisations put in place the systems and procedures needed to improve energy efficiency. Managing energy in this systematic way will lead to reductions in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The Standard is applicable to organisations of all types and sizes, regardless of the geographical, cultural or social context it addresses:

  • Energy use/consumption
  • Measuring, documenting and reporting energy use/consumption
  • Design and procurement methods for energy-using equipment, systems and processes
  • Developing an energy management plan and other factors affecting energy efficiency that can be monitored and influenced by the company

Do you have ISO 14001? How to get to ISO 50001.

Both standards have a similar result, which is to reduce the impact on the environment, but they have different goals, paths, requirements and benefits.

ISO 50001 is based on the continuous improvement management system model which is used for ISO 14001 (including ISO 9001). If a company combines both standards, it can more easily integrate energy management into its efforts for quality and environmental management. ISO 50001 adds data related to energy planning, operational control, as well as measurement and monitoring.

A company can obtain the ISO 50001 standard even if it does not have an ISO 14001 environmental management system in place.

ISO 50001 is based on more detailed review, planning, measurement and analysis. They are specific only to energy efficiency and are not covered by ISO 14001. The standard specifies the requirements for an energy management system that allow organizations to develop and implement policies and objectives. These take into account legal requirements and information on important energy aspects.

Solvera Lynx's energy managers can help you successfully implement an energy management system.

By connecting meters to the GemaLogic system, which monitors energy and water use, alarms in the event of emergencies and devises measures to reduce consumption.


GemaLogic meets all the requirements of the ISO 50001 energy management standard for monitoring, measuring and analyzing data.

A company can quickly improve energy efficiency when it starts to do it systematically, by including everyone who has any impact on energy use.

On average, users of the GemaLogic system achieve savings of 7% in the first year after implementation.

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