Solvera Lynx sets up the first LoRaWAN™ network for the Internet of Things in Slovenia


The excitement about IoT future has forced companies to consider developing infrastructure and basic building blocks for the IoT. Solvera Lynx has decided to go one step further – from planning and consideration to a bold action.

Not only have we recognized the IoT potential; we are working on communication networks and sensing solutions to drive the IoT applications to its full potential. We produce most advanced hardware and software platforms,  making a quality leap from popular discussions to a reality of connected devices in cities and harsh industrial environments.

As technological pioneers, we have established the first LoRaWAN ™ network in the country covering major urban and industrial areas including the complete city of Ljubljana .

Using the capital city Ljubljana as a large testing field we installed in-house developed devices called ComBox.L. to strategic points across the city. The devices are wireless and battery equipped, using LoRa – long range, low power wireless platform, which currently is the prevailing technology for building IoT networks worldwide. With this we are now able to offer full coverage of the city with a wide reach, energy-efficient transmissions making smart cities, energy-efficient buildings and smart factories possible.

Having the only ready- to-use IoT network in Slovenia and strong references (persuasive use cases), we offer a valuable benchmark for IoT system implementation not just in our region, but on a European scale.

How does it work?

LoRaWAN™ technology is an exciting new solution for communicating at long range with low power and low cost. This technology enables data transfer from simple devices, sensors, and actuators according to the international open LoRaWAN ™ standard.

We connect various types of everyday devices to the network. They independently communicate with different applications at low cost.

Commercial use cases of Solvera Lynx work in combination with our in-house innovative wireless long-range devices (ComBox.L), that transmit the data from Energy Management Systems (EMS) and send them to the advanced software platform GemaLogic®, where all the data is gathered, processed and analyzed.

Who can benefit from our LoRaWAN ™ network ?

Everyone, who is keen on developing new technologies, optimizing their business processes and working on revolutionary IoT use cases.

We are ready to provide our turn-key solution to a wide range of business applications. Here are just a few examples: Energy & Utilities, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Factories, Building and Facilities, Industry, Agriculture, Smart City, Transport, and Logistics.

Why are we the right partner for demanding IoT challenges?

Our network already covers major Slovenian cities (Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Novo Mesto, Koper, Jesenice, Ravne, Anhovo, Litija and more) and will soon be present nationwide. It is the biggest LPN network in Slovenia, so using our infrastructure clients will save time and money on setting up their own.

Due to developing our software and hardware solution in-house we are ready for almost any IoT challenge, which requires custom-made, unique, future-oriented solutions.

Expertise. We know the ins and outs of the systems. The portfolio of our turn-key solutions is impressive. Here are just several examples of the projects we have done: smart metering (electricity, gas, water, air renewable energy), volume monitoring (fuel tanks / containers), different types of analyses (air quality, temperature, humidity), tracking/localization solutions, etc.

We have real experience working in the hardest industrial environments – inhospitable, with high moisture rate, extreme temperature conditions and far-spread production areas where LoRaWAN communication is the only suitable alternative to the classical wired system or 3G/4G networks. Expanding the existing LoRaWAN network enabled us to cover the entire cities and set up the communication devices in all the less accessible places.

We are ready to guide you to the Internet of Things (IoT) of tomorrow by providing you with custom-made solutions, so you can develop new business models or improve existing processes that are based on the Internet of Things or you can just take advantage of connecting to our LoRaWAN ™ network in Slovenia.[:]

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