General Conditions of Website Use.

Website owner
The website owner and administrator of is Solvera Lynx d.o.o., Stegne 23, 1000 Ljubljana.
General conditions agreement
By using the Solvera Lynx website, the user agrees to the general conditions, acknowledges and accepts them.
Data accuracy
Solvera Lynx strives to provide the most precise and current data on its website; however, the website text are merely informative, therefore it is not liable for their accuracy. Users interpret the contents on their own responsibility.
Limitation of liability
Neither Solvera Lynx nor any other legal or natural person involved in the creation of this website is responsible for any temporary disruption to this website, any possible information inaccuracies, or any damages that result in using inaccurate or incomplete information. Solvera Lynx is not liable for any damage or inconveniences that result from the existence of this website, from accessing to and/or using and/or inability to use information on this website and/or for any flaws or deficiencies in their contents, regardless of whether they have been notified on the possibility of such damages.
Since the Solvera Lynx website features certain links to websites that are not in any way connected to Slovera Lynx and over which Solvera Lynx has no control, Solvera Lynx cannot vouch for them nor receive or transmit complaints about the accuracy of the content on any of the websites that are linked or referenced to on its website and is not responsible for data protection on these websites.
Personal data protection
The administrator may use and process the user´s personal data that are submitted when visiting the Solvera Lynx website in accordance with the applicable regulations on personal data protection (Personal Data Protection Act ZVOP-1, Official Gazette of RS no. 94/07).
In accordance with ZVOP-1, the administrator may process personal data upon the user´s personal consent. Personal consent is the individual´s voluntary statement that their personal data may be processed for a certain purpose and is given based on information provided by the administrator. The individual´s personal consent can be written, oral, a click on a dialog box allowing cookie use, or other applicable user consent forms.
For personal data protection purposes, the administrator will implement organizational, technical, and other appropriate procedures and measures to prevent unauthorised data deletion, change, loss, or unauthorised processing. As the web portal features certain links to other websites that are in no way connected to the company, the administrator does not assume liability for data protection on these websites. The administrator is also not responsible for any mistakes that result in submitting false data upon registering at the portal website.
The website contents are a copyright work, the copyright holder is the administrator, and it is subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection. The copyright and other intellectual property protected contents include the texts along with the entire visual image of the website, including all the visual elements.
Users may use the posted contents for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Any other dealing with the contents including but not limited to altering, copying, posting its contents in its entirety or in sections to other sites, except upon expressed written consent of the administrator are strictly prohibited. If the user provides any kind of material to the administrator, they are transferring all the material copyrights and consent to the provided material being published.
Solvera Lynx reserves the right to change, supplement, or remove contents on this website in its entirety or in parts, regardless of the reason and with no prior notice. All users view the published website contents at their own risk.
The cookies we install on your browser enable us to run all the website functions, adapt certain contents to you, and improve our website with page analytics.
You can opt out of using the cookies. In that case, the website will not load any permanent cookies to your browser apart from our own cookies we use for the page analytics. By opting out, you may not be able to view the entire page properly.
The website uses the following cookies:
Cookie name                   Provider          Expiry Purpose
_utma Google Analytics    Two years          Identifies the user (number of visits, first and last visit).
_utmb Google Analytics    30 minutes       Records visit duration. Records the exact time the user started (the session).
_utmc Google Analytics    End of session  Records the visit duration.
_utmz Google Analytics    Six months        Records the location from which the user came to the site, which browser and key words were typed in, and the location from which the user accessed the site.
_utmv Google Analytics    Two years          For user segmentation.
The website uses the following elements of other providers that also use cookies:
Changes to general conditions
The administrator reserves the right to change or add to the general conditions for the web portal at any time and without prior notice. The user will be notified on any changes to the general conditions with special pop-ups that will appear when accessing the website.
Ljubljana, 20 Oct 2020