Electricity Consumption Management
(Demand Response Control System)

Description of the Project.

Solvera Lynx is participating in a Slovenian-Japanese project called NEDO, which is a three-year project focused on smart grids. The primary partners of the NEDO project are the Japanese development agency NEDO and its authorized contractor Hitachi, along with the company ELES. In addition to ELES, a large number of stakeholders from Slovenia will be involved in the project, making it justifiably called a national project. This project is also unique in Europe. While related projects across Europe focus on narrower areas or communities, in our case, with integrated and centrally managed cloud solutions, we can effectively talk about the implementation of a smart grid at the national level.

Solvera Lynx is coordinating one of the four work packages (WG3) of the NEDO project, in which we collaborate with the electricity distribution company Elektro Maribor, EIMV, TECES, Local Energy Agency Ptuj, Kreativni laboratorij d.o.o., and over 800 household users who have joined the project called PREMAKNI PORABO (Shift Consumption). This project aims to explore the possibilities of demand response management among consumers during periods of high energy consumption on the grid.

Within the project, Solvera Lynx provides software development for the Demand Response Control System and coordinates the installation of LoRaWAN wireless communication devices for direct disconnection and home energy management equipment (Home Energy Management System) provided by two Slovenian providers – Entia and Robotina.

The advanced metering system, integrated into the advanced metering infrastructure, enables the system operator to deliver advanced services. With appropriate incentives, customers can actively participate in demand response programs and contribute to reducing the investment costs in expanding the electrical grid.

By joining the demand response scheme approved by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, customers become part of an active user group for one year in the territory of 10 municipalities on the right bank of the Drava River, covered by the distribution transformer station (RTP) Breg, which is already part of the advanced metering system. Additionally, customers will be part of an important international project involving both Slovenian and Japanese companies, which will provide guidance for the development of advanced tariffs for the entire Slovenia. The project covers the municipalities of Cirkulane, Hajdina, Kidričevo, Majšperk, Makole, Podlehnik, Ptuj, Starše, Videm, and Žetale.

The Slovenian-Japanese NEDO project enables a more reliable energy supply and represents an opportunity for domestic industry, while the experiences gained will provide guidance for the entire Slovenia.

Financial Values & Amount of Financing.

  • Project value: EUR 37 milion
  • Value of ELES’s activities: EUR 17 milion
  • Source of (co)funding: Japanese agency NEDO

Duration of the Project.

2016- 2021

Project Partners.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU from the European Fund for Regional Development.

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