Our First Turnkey Solar Power Plant

We are delighted to present our first turnkey solar power plant project, successfully completed in collaboration with our partners!

We are proud to expand our range of energy solutions in the direction of sustainability and a green future. Our mission is to create innovative solutions and advanced tools that enable our customers to precisely control and efficiently use energy, and this project is a completed milestone.

The solar power plant, covering an area of approximately 100m², will annually produce nearly 13 MWh of clean electricity, resulting in the savings of 3.26 tons of emissions. The installation of such a solar power plant is equivalent to planting 150 trees.

Installation of the first turnkey solar power plant

Do you want to be self-sufficient as well? Secure your independence from fluctuating electricity prices and ensure long-term stability with your own solar power plant for your business or household.

Contact us today and take the first step towards energy independence!

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