Privacy policy

This privacy policy manages the collection, storage and processing of personal data which Solvera Lynx is collecting from you once you subscribe to contents, such as newsletter, invitations to events, publications and other Solvera Lynx products.

The personal data manager as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union – GDPR is:

Solvera Lynx
Stegne 23A Ljubljana
Telefon: +386 1 40 12 860


If you wish to receive contents from Solvera Lynx (newsletter, invitations to events, publications and other Solvera Lynx products), please fill out the form/order/application/registration at the Solvera Lynx website. By filling out and confirming this form/order/application/registration, you will submit the following contact details to Solvera Lynx:

  • Name and Surname
  • E-mail address
  • Company

Contact details submitted when filling out or submitting the form/order/application/registration are needed for processing your order and for communication regarding specific newsletter, events, publications and other Solvera Lynx products to which you are subscribed. In case you do not provide the requested contact details, we will not be able to process your order and you will not be able to use the benefit of newsletter, events, publications and other Solvera Lynx products.

Solvera Lynx respects your privacy and is committed to being as diligent as possible regarding the collection, storage and processing of your personal data, and to always working in accordance with the current personal data protection regulation.

In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of acquired data, to preserve the correctness of personal data and to assure that they are properly used, we are using suitable technical and organisational procedures for the protection of data we are collecting. Solvera Lynx cannot exclude potential data abuse because internet is an unpredictable medium, despite all security measures and secure communication protocols.


Personal data submitted when registering for the newsletter, events, publications and other Solvera Lynx products are processed with your clear and unambiguous consent based on Article 6 (1), (a) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also process information about opened received messages and clicks on links in received messages in order to improve the quality of our products and services, and for statistical purposes regarding e-mails that we send you.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link which is located in the footer of each message received from Solvera Lynx, or via e-mail at the following address: In case your consent is withdrawn, we will no longer use your personal data for informing you about Solvera Lynx contents (newsletter, events, publications and other Solvera Lynx products). Potential withdrawal of the consent does not affect the legality of your personal data processing in the period before the withdrawal was submitted.


In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, you have the right to access your personal data, the right to modification, deletion, transferability, the right to request limitation of data processing and the right to object.

Please contact our authorised person for data protection regarding all your rights and for additional information, they are available at  We will process your application and respond in accordance with the GDPR.


Solvera Lynx keeps your personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose of sending you the content (newsletter, invitations to events and other Solvera Lynx products) to which you subscribed. In case you no longer wish to receive content from Solvera Lynx and you decide to unsubscribe or in case you withdraw your consent for processing of personal data for this purpose, we will block your data in the system and will no longer use it for this purpose.



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