Smart city solutions

Why is remote control of water consumption important.

With remote reading, utility companies, cities and business entities address the challenges they most often face in the supply of water consumption:

  • Increasing water consumption and its efficient consumption
  • Ensuring accurate and timely billing data and spending planning
  • Timely leak detection and alarm
  • Business optimization – reduction of operating costs and water meter reading costs.

About water consumption.

According to the Statistica Office of the Republic of Slovenia, almost half of the water pumped from the public water supply system in 2020 was supplied to households. This is more than 84 million m3.

In 2020, households used a slightly larger amount of water from the public water supply system. Meanwhile, businesses consumed a smaller amount.

The amount of water consumed per capita in 2020 was 58.2 m3.

Characteristics of Solvera Lynx remote reading solutions.

  • Low cost of reading resulting from low data transfer costs.
  • Gradual expansion of the remote reading network
  • Include affordable battery water meters and other devices
  • Expansion to other areas of the smart city (air quality monitoring, optimization of municipal waste collection, lighting management, watercourse control, …)