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The GemaLogic® software solution presents three main functionalities: Energy Monitoring, Energy Efficiency and Energy Flexibility.

Energy monitoring: capturing, aggregation, validation and visualization of measurement data; setting alarms and reporting;

Energy efficiency:  analytics and visualization of energy data;

Energy flexibility: aggregation and control of energy demand, production of renewable sources and flexible energy loads to provide support of system balancing for frequency restoration reserve (aFRR/mFRR) and support the market balancing to buy and sell electrical energy on electricity market;

Our Solutions

  • Energy – Monitoring - GemaLogic® acquires large numbers of various data regarding energy and related measurements in intervals of up to one minute. It stores current and archived values for the entire time series. Based on the data collected, mathematically calculated and time aggregated data can be provided. The data is presented in the form of tables, graphs or charts and as process schematics.Read more
  • Energy – Efficiency - GemaLogic® can perform different energy data analyses, such as load profile analysis of different energy consumption and peak consumption analysis. Built-in Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) analysis give a feedback of energy management projects and guidance on the level of energy use that should be expected in a certain situation. Importantly, they also give early warnings of unexpected excess consumption caused by malfunctions, errors, unwanted user behaviour, and maintenance errors.Read more
  • Energy – Flexibility - The GemaLogic Flexibility platform is designed to manage production of renewable energy resources and flexible workloads. GemaLogic Flexibility offers three types of applications: a solution to support the provisioning of a frequency reserve system, a local energy management in industry, and a local solution for small business or household consumption.Read more

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