For 20 years, we have been developing and offering advanced information and communication solutions in the fields of energy and water supply for the industry, building and transport segments. Since our establishment in 2002, we have been setting new boundaries in the field of energy management software, which provides companies and organizations with informational support in energy and water management, both at suppliers and distributors, and at end users.

Our story began with the development of the GEMA system for energy management in the field of gas, then in the field of railways, where a model was developed for the long-term forecast of natural gas consumption. A year later, we developed a solution for monitoring energy use in industry. We have gained confidence in our abilities and innovative solutions. With the help of analyzes and forecasts, we led our customers to energy efficiency.

Today in Solvera Lynx, we develop in the areas of energy efficiency and flexibility and include technological trends in the field of energy sources and sustainable energy efficiency, thereby actively contributing to the sustainable behavior of customers and partners. With our services and solutions, we cover the field of energy monitoring (gas, electricity, heat, railways), energy efficiency (industry, buildings, energy audits), energy flexibility (virtual power plants, smart grids and charging stations for electric vehicles).

20 years of business shows opportunities in which we had significant or the key role of implementing and setting up the system for you, the clients. We are proud to jointly develop energy-efficient and sustainable stories and solve the challenges that arise along the way.

Looking ahead drives us to continue to achieve the highest quality of all our services and solutions and to adapt to needs and thus remain competitive with our expertise and innovative approach to sustainability.