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Our Stavbe case studies

  • Healthcare facilities Zdravstvene ustanove - (English) Operation of healthcare facilities requires massive energy consumption. To optimize enormous energy use, organizations require tailor-made energy management solutions.Read more
  • Poslovne stavbe - (English) Solvera Lynx has provided tailor-made energy management solutions for many commercial facilities. Our strongest references are projects with the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and logistic centers in the region.Read more
  • (English) Hospitality facilities - (English) Introduction of systematic energy management activities in the hospitality industry is not just an economic necessity, but a strategical business decision focused on the enhancing and optimization of operational processes, which will become a competitive advantage in the long-term perspective.Read more
  • Municipalities (English) Municipalities - (English) Public authorities face a need to adopt sustainable energy management solutions and infrastructure upgrades in order to reach desired economic performance goals and contribute to the creation of socially and environmentally – responsible communities.Read more


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