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Our Industrija case studies

  • Manufacturing Proizvodnja - (English) Solvera Lynx provides smart energy management solutions to a wide range of manufacturing companies. Using advanced GemaLogic Platform and ComBox communication equipment your company will reduce energy consumption and cost, increase company’s competitiveness, and introduce effective energy management across the organization.Read more
  • Hrana in pijača - (English) Improve energy efficiency and contribute to sustainability and economic success of your company by introducing advanced energy management tools. Optimize energy use among the biggest energy consumers in Food & Beverage industry: HVAC systems, Process technologies (cooking, filtration, mixing, packaging) and Cold Supply (refrigerators, freezing).Read more
  • Telecommunications (English) Telecommunication - (English) High level of competition in the telecommunication industry, energy-demanding business operations and growing infrastructure challenge companies to introduce efficient energy management. Our solutions will contribute to complete digitalization of energy data, help to lower energy consumptions & costs and simplify asset & resources management.Read more
  • Metals & Mining (English) Metals & Mining - (English) Steel companies are the largest energy consumers among all the industries with energy costs accounting up to 25% of their annual budget. Improvement of energy efficiency performance is becoming crucially important for their competitiveness, sustainability and better resource management.Read more
  • Automobiles & Components (English) Automobiles and Components - (English) Improve energy efficiency, reduce harmful emissions and comply with the latest legislation requirements. Our Energy Management system covers the most demanding sites in the manufacturing process: equipment management (furnaces, fans, blowers, pumps, generators), systems management (hydraulic system, compressed air systems, and HVAC systems.Read more
  • (English) Railways - (English) Enable complex analyses of energy use on tracks & trains as well as the complete overview of energy consumption in buildings and other railway infrastructure. The scope of solutions includes: Actual Energy Consumption Analyses, Traffic-Energy Analysis, Energy Efficiency Improvement and Station Energy Solution.Read more


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