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Our Proizvodnja case studies

  • (English) Glass products - (English) Improve the plant efficiency and study optimization potential using our GemaLogic Platform. Monitor energy consumption, control systems & process and make efficiency analyses.Read more
  • Construction Materials (English) Construction Materials - (English) Using our innovative tools for Energy Management you will be able to optimize energy-intensive production processes, comply with energy regulation and meet the energy consumption reduction targets.Read more
  • Electrotechnical Products (English) Electrotechnical Products - (English) Identify resources consumption patterns, compare historical data, and predict future energy needs – all of this with one GemaLogic Platform.Read more
  • Chemicals & Plastic Products (English) Chemicals & Plastic Products - (English) Accomplish primary energy management goals: holistic monitoring of energy efficiency performance and reduction of energy consumption.Read more
  • Textile, Apparel & Footware (English) Textile, Apparel & Footware - (English) Introduce a comprehensive energy management system as the first step towards energy efficiency and consumption reduction targets.Read more
  • Packaging-Solvera (English) Packaging - (English) Experience fully customized solutions for increased energy consumption- and cost awareness, optimization of energy use and supporting ISO 50001 process.Read more
  • Paper (English) Paper products - (English) Create a corporate portal for energy data management. Upgrade your Energy Management initiatives, using our sustainable solutions.Read more
  • Pharmaceutical products (English) Pharmaceutical products - (English) Get the systematic control over consumption, locate the data in one place, identify inefficiencies and provide your team with intelligent reporting and analysis.Read more
  • Tobacco (English) Tobacco - (English) Achieve energy efficiency with an accurate overview of energy use across your facility. See the valuable insights at different organizational levels, in a way you prefer.Read more


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