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Virtual Power Plant Solution for Petrol

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Virtual Power Plant Solution for Petrol



Solvera Lynx’s Virtual Power Plant Solution Results and Benefits The Petrol Company, the leading Slovenian energy company, is the principal strategic supplier of oil and other energy products on the Slovenian market. The core area of operations of the Petrol Group is oil trading ctivities. Petrol’s principal competitive advantage over potential competitors is its extensive network of 464 modern service stations in Slovenia and abroad. The principal development direction of the Petrol Group is the introduction of new energy activities, in particular the sale of gas, heat and electricity, but in the long run also renewable energy sources.


The company needed to find cost-effective solutions to integrate different energy sources and transform their business models to benefit from reliable, fast, safe and more profitable grid management. The Petrol Group wanted to increase their revenues from the sales of energy services. They found an opportunity by providing ancillary services to a transmission system operator in the form of tertiary reserves for the regulation of active power.

To tackle the challenges, Solvera Lynx introduced the Gemalogic Virtual Power Plant Platform to enable the integration of distributed energy resources for providing services to the TSO. Our VPP solution was a cost effective alternative to contribute to the economic efficiency for all participants, well-distributed energy resources and the reduction of the environmental footprint. The Gemalogic VPP platform combined the functions of monitoring and controlling the distributed energy resources, forecasting the industrial loads, optimization techniques for the cost effective engagement of energy resources with modern communications and information technology.

Project characteristics

Included resources:

  • Industrial loads
  • Diesel generators
  • CHP units
  • DER resources pool power: > 6MW
  • Number of DER resources in the pool: 15
  • Location: 13 different geographical locations across the country/Slovenia

Results and Benefits

The Gemalogic Virtual Power Plant offered control of electric energy consumption & production through aggregating the distributed energy resources and loads providing demand response functionality. Petrol has benefited from providing ancillary energy services at competitive prices, selling energy on the wholesale market, controlling and optimizing internal production, balancing energy loads and integrating diverse energy sources – all with one software solution. Gemalogic VPP offered different ancillary service functions (like tertiary and secondary regulation) needed by the TSO. That gave Petrol an opportunity to increase their earnings by offering services to the transmission system operator (TSO).

Demand response that provided greater reliability to the grid and actively engaged all participants:

  • Effective engagement with utility consumers on demand
  • Reduction in energy demand at peak hours
  • Optimization of the electricity schedule
  • Lowering risks and costs’ minimization of energy balancing
  • Effective balance of companies’ portfolios and bidding into
    reserve markets
  • Trading on the ancillary services market
  • Increasing revenues from providing new energy services

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